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We are committed to helping clients find relief. Our Certified Debt Consultants and customer service representatives provide our clients with help and guidance on every step of their program. Clients have full access to their information on our online Client Dashboard, where they can track their progress from anywhere at any time. Throughout our program, we provide the support, tools, and resources clients need to reach their goals and improve their financial well-being.

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What would you do if you had no debt and a control over your money?


Each month, you make a deposit into an FDIC-insured dedicated account that you control. As your account grows, we create a custom plan to get you out of debt.


After enough funds build up in your account, we negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts for significantly less than you owe.


Our expert negotiators work hard to get you the best savings possible. Every time we settle one of your debts, we contact you for authorization and approval.


After the full settlement amount is paid on each account, you no longer owe your creditors. Your credit card debt is behind you!

You Can Have Financial Peace of Mind

We can help you find the peace of mind you deserve an freedom from the burden of debt and the stress it causes with a customized plan that meets your
needs. We are committed to ensuring you have financial peace of mind so you can move on from a life of debt.

We've all been in a position where we need help. Our clients often seek our help after...

  • Job loss

  • Income loss

  • Illness

  • Divorce

  • Death in the Family

  • Business Issues

debt and health

The Hidden Costs of Debt on Your Health

February 12, 20242 min read

Debt can have a significant impact on more than just your finances. It can also take a toll on your physical and mental health, which can result in a vicious cycle of financial and health problems. Here are some of the hidden costs of debt on your health:

  1. Stress and anxiety Debt can be a major source of stress and anxiety, which can have negative impacts on your mental and physical health. The constant worry and stress caused by debt can lead to sleep disturbances, increased risk of depression and anxiety, and a weakened immune system.

  2. Physical health problems Debt can also have physical consequences, such as headaches, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. The stress and anxiety caused by debt can also contribute to other physical health problems, such as digestive problems and decreased appetite.

  3. Social isolation Debt can also lead to social isolation, as people may feel embarrassed or ashamed about their financial situation. This can result in decreased opportunities for socializing and participating in activities, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression.

  4. Career problems Debt can also have negative impacts on your career, such as decreased productivity and job performance. The stress and anxiety caused by debt can make it difficult to concentrate and perform well at work, leading to potential consequences such as missed promotions and decreased earning potential.

  5. Relationship problems Debt can also cause strain on personal relationships, including romantic partnerships, family relationships, and friendships. The stress and tension caused by debt can lead to arguments and decreased intimacy, resulting in a negative impact on personal relationships.

  6. Difficulty sleeping Debt can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep, as the stress and anxiety caused by debt can result in insomnia and sleep disturbances. This can lead to decreased productivity and decreased overall well-being.

  7. Decreased self-esteem Debt can also impact self-esteem, as people may feel like they have failed financially or are not in control of their finances. This can lead to decreased self-worth and decreased confidence, making it difficult to make progress in getting out of debt.

Debt can have hidden costs on your health that can result in a vicious cycle of financial and health problems. It's important to take action and address debt in a responsible and proactive manner, in order to reduce the impact on your health and well-being. This may involve creating a debt repayment plan, seeking professional financial advice, and making changes to your spending habits.

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